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Collecting the Uncollectable


Tomorrow I will be on a panel the Catharine Clark Gallery to talk about my role in acquiring Ken Goldberg’s Memento Mori. You can read all the details in this press release.

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An Organization to Support Collectors

Portion of image on "imaginary Museum Projects" by Tjebbe van Tijen

Portion of image on "Imaginary Museum Projects" by Tjebbe van Tijen

Here is the question of the day: If an organization is set up to help promote and promulgate Internet Art, what should that organization be chartered to do? That was the question at a lunch with the kind lady I had met last Thursday and her husband,also very kind (see previous post).

It’s not an easy question to answer. You can’t just throw money up in the air and expect it to rain art. So where does one start?

First off, let’s look at the different sorts of collectors. I see three broad groupings of Internet Art collectors: Continue reading

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I Left My ‘Art in San Francisco


What made me lose my 'art in San Francisco...

Last night I attended a reception relating to SFMOMA. I don’t want to be precise about the details because I’ve not asked  the people involved for permission to do so. What I do want to record is my excitement and thrill regarding several of the dialogs that took place during this reception regarding Internet Art.

My feeling is that Internet art –  just like so many other things that relate to the Internet – will be launched, bloom and prosper somewhere around San Francisco and the Bay Area. It logically follows that the progenitors of such an art movement would be in the same age group as are all the current flock of Internet titans and techies.  Thus the people I have been interested in talking to have been roughly 24 to 36 years old. Continue reading

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Yes, We Can – Blog Again

Dr Christiane Paul's New Book: Digital Art

It’s time to start posting to AotN again. It’s been over six months since I finished the two courses on new media  taught by Dr Christiane Paul at UC Berkeley, yet I have been incapable of producing a new post. The whole point of taking the courses was to help me write better posts. Continue reading

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Berkeley Big Bang: Day 3

June 3 was the last day of the Berkeley Big Bang and a celebration of forty years of Leonardo.

Introduction: 40 Years of Leonardo

Stephen Wilson kicked off the event with refections on the 40 years of Leonardo – the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. He wondered “How will the Journal survive?” given the mounting language and production issues.

He then presented a review of computers and art thirty years ago (the time he joined Leonardo and today. I can quibble with facts. He twice mentioned Wired magazine when I believe he intended to say Byte magazine. He talks about the lack of art in the computer field in 1979, yet Melvin Prueitt’s books on computer graphics had already entered their Dover reprints stage of life by 1974. But I cannot dispute his conclusions: the world of art and computers has grown from a smaller and lonelier place to a huge place that nonetheless has issues such as still being marginalized.

Continue reading

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Berkeley Big Bang: Day 2

The reason you go to an event like BBB is to listen to highly educated people expound in a highly intelligent manner. You hope, if the wind is blowing in the right direction, that you will understand what they say and, fidgeting with talisman, that they share ideas that are thrilling. With those thoughts in mind let’s double-click on Berkeley Big Bang: Day 2.

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